Great facts about life in the womb.

The first 20 weeks of the biggest
changes in the developing human.

What is this game about?

Invisible Human is easy and engaging card game, which has the capacity to educate us about what we looked like and how we developed before we were born.

You will find two sets of cards.

  • 7 beautiful pictures of the developing human in the womb. The pictures are mostly real images of various stages of gestation.
  • 28 small text cards describing the development. The front of these cards (white side) describes, very simply, a particular development, for example: “The heart beat begins”. On the reverse of the same card, you will find a small number, which indicates which week from conception that particular development function started or if it is already present. Here you can also read more details about the development.

The card game only shows real biology.

The information on the cards is taken from available biology resources only, and it is not based on religious or ideological foundations. You can check all of the resources here, or directly on

Why was this game created?

  • People generally know very little about human prenatal development and are often surprised when learning about it
  • Prenatal development is fascinating
  • It’s better to see it once, than hearing about it 100s of times.
  • Learning whilst playing is a lot more fun way of educating.

How to play?

It is very easy.

1. Lay out all 7 picture cards in front of you so you can see them all next to each other. Order the picture cards by age, from 4th to 20th week.
2. Place all of the small text cards (white side up) in one pile.
3. Read the information on the first text card (white side only, don’t peak on the reverse side) and guess, in which stage did the particular development described on the card start/or is already present.
For example if your card says “the heart beat begins”, guess when the heart beat started and place it on the picture card you find appropriate.
4. Distribute in the same manner the rest of the text cards (still keep them white side up, do not peak on reverse side) to the picture cards according to which picture card you think is relevant to them.
5. Now, check your knowledge. Flip the text cards around (white side down) and follow the small numbers at the bottom. They reveal the correct week number. For example the ‘heart beat’ card says ‘4-weeks’ so you know, this card should have been placed on 4-5-weeks picture card.
6. Now move all of the text cards on the correct picture cards.

You can also play this card game with your friends. Simply split the text card between the players.
If you are playing with young children, select a smaller amount
of text cards.

Who are the authors of this game?

All authors are from Slovakia, working for these NGOs:

  • Forum for life (Fórum života,, is a NGO dedicated to protecting human life from conception all the way to natural death. It helped to establish many successful projects, such as ‘Let’s save lives’ (Zachráňme životy), a donor website, which connects public donors to vulnerable women facing an unplanned pregnancy, or Alexis counselling (, a team of psychologists, mostly advising women when crisis pregnancy, or counselling women suffering from trauma connected to miscarriage or abortion.
  • Pressure Cooker (Tlakový Hrniec, project that brings fast and stimulating debates to college students.
    The topics debated are unplanned pregnancy, healthy relationships and pornography. The card game Invisible Human is often used during the debates as a fun tool for learning about basic biology facts related to human development.